Ministry Teams

I’ve always SAID I place a high value on students serving in our student ministry. But the reality is this has often been more of a stated ideal than actual reality. This year I’ve decided to take this to the next level by utilizing the interns in our high school ministry. We have three interns from CBU and each of them now own one of three teams.

Welcome Team – Anthony heads this team up and their goal is pretty simple: help students feel welcome. I used the terminology “welcome” instead of “greeters” because I want them to see the bigger picture. Our goal isn’t for students to just be greeted when they show up to our programs. We want them to truly feel welcome.

Snack Bar Team – Brady is heading up our snack bar team. Students and food just seem to go together. We’ve had a snack bar that’s barely functioned but now we’re attempting to do more than just throw someone back there. Over the next several months we’re looking to add a new menu chalkboard, a glass-fronted soda fridge, and some coffee options.

Atmosphere Team – Luke is heading this up and I was very excited to get an email from him today with a 4-page document outlining all his ideas. Luke’s working on ways to make our room feel more friendly to students. We’re looking at doing some creative photo displays, some set design, a chalkboard for artsy looking announcements, and some tablecloths for our tables where students sit. Luke also had a great idea to have some game-type activities going on as students walk in the room so that we can immediately engage them.

I’m excited to see these new teams take off as they help us with two key areas. First, they give our interns a specific segment of ministry to own and lead. Second, they give outlets for our students to jump in to and express their gifts.


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