Debriefing Events

I’m trying something kinda new this summer.  I just started a spreadsheet where I can individually debrief each event.  I list the turnout and any thoughts for the event.

For instance, we just had a high school pool party tonight.  Some of my thoughts from this event:

  • We had a good turnout – about 40% of our average Sunday student attendance.
  • We had no new freshmen show up – that’s not good.
  • In the future, I need to email our adult leaders encouraging them to come (none were there).
  • We had a jr. high event that ended up the same weekend pulling some of the new freshmen guys.
  • The big WIN of the night was seeing students connecting with each other.  We need to do more low-key relational events like this.

I’m hoping that tracking stuff like this immediately after the event will help me as I do planning and evaluation.  It’s tough to remember exactly how a event went a few months later.  And it’s also tough to see what the factors were that made the event what they were if they aren’t recorded immediately.

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