Full Circle

It’s so cool to see former students become ministry partners.  We currently have three former high school students who are now serving as volunteers in our ministry (two in jr. high and one in high school).  I think there’s a few really great things about seeing your ministry come around full circle:

Former students “get” your ministry vision & strategy – Sometimes they may not be able to even verbalize it, but ultimately they know the culture and feel or your ministry.  So, if the culture and feel is the direction you’d like to be heading, they can be a huge asset to continuing that in your ministry.

Former students “get” you – It can take time to feel comfortable with a new volunteer sometimes and for them to feel comfortable with you.  The former students who are drawn to your ministry are typically going to be ones you’ve had a good rapport with.  From Day One of serving they will probably more comfortable quicker than the average volunteer.

Former students help you stay in it for the long haul – Youth ministry is tough!  We don’t get a ton of encouragement from students and it can be hard to stay focused long-term.  But when you see former students now serving alongside you, you know that you have made an impact.  You know that God has used you.  And that means…..that the punk 9th grade boy who you can’t stand right now…..might be one of your best volunteers in 5 years.

One Comment on “Full Circle”

  1. Ryan Pultz says:

    Yeah I know how you feel I remember you and your brother sitting in youth group every week! It’s a blessing to see you go out and spread Gods word rp

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