The Talents

One of our pastors, Mike Pierpoint, preached a message this last Sunday on the parable of the talents.  Go here and click on “sermons” if you want to hear it.  Or if you want to read the passage it’s found in, click here.  Anyways, I found his message convicting as I thought a little bit about my own life and ministry.  I don’t know that I necessarily see myself as the guy who straight up buried his talent (a talent was about a year’s salary; it’s the thing(s) that God has entrusted you with to invest).  But instead I feel like I’ve been given 5 or 10 talents and perhaps I’m only really using 1 or 2.  Most of the time I’m operating at about 10% of my capacity…..and that’s really lame.  If God has given me the gifts and abilities to make an impact for His Kingdom, then I really need to be about making the investment that deserves.

I think there are three main things that are obstacles to me fully jumping in to investing the “talents” God has given me:

1) Myself – I allow myself too often to get caught up in my own weaknesses and past failures to be able to truly invest in the present.
2) My time – I manage my time pretty poorly.  This means that many of the big items and dreams that God gives me don’t get done because I’m too “busy” taking care of little things or seemingly urgent things.
3) My focus – This kind of connects to the last one, but is a little different.  I can focus myself on things that seem to be good in ministry, but are not the most important things (or at least the things I’m strongest in).  I may invest time in something “good” when I could be investing in something “great.”

This whole idea is something I’m still thinking through and has ramifications for my current ministry and the dreams that God is developing in me right now as well.

Anyone else feel the same way?  How does the parable of the talents make you think through your investment?

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