Content, but Not Settled


That was the last time I posted on my blog. I used to LOVE blogging. Seriously I would blog at least once a day and often several times a day. I’d like to yell “I’m back!” but who knows if I’ll stick with it. So here you go. I’m blogging again…

Anyways, that’s not what I’m going to talk about tonight. I’m sitting up in my living room just after 11pm on a Wednesday night. The only sounds I hear is my keyboard clicking and the clock ticking. Addie’s been in bed since before I got home. Nicole just crashed. We had a great night at church tonight….great energy and good group of students there. And I felt like blogging.

I’ve always struggled with contentment. Growing up I was always the kid who was stretching toward whatever was next. Couldn’t wait for jr. high to start or couldn’t wait for high school to start. Then I couldn’t wait for college and to get into youth ministry and to get married. Well guess what….that’s all happened. And now I’m 30 years old, a youth pastor, married to a fantastic wife, dad to a great daughter, and I have a mortgage. Wow, how did that all happen? So where do you go next from there?

In the last six months I’ve learned to become content. Not settled, but content. I love where I’m at in life right now. I don’t feel a NEED to move onto something more. I love my church and the students I work with. It’s not a perfect place, but I love it. So I’m content. But I’m not settled. I love our student ministry but I desperately want to see it be a place where students look outward more than they look at themselves. I love my relationship with God but I desperately want to see it grow and want to see my heart become more and more dependent on Him.

Life is good and I like where things are….but I know they won’t and shouldn’t stay the same.

Ok, I changed my mind, I’m back blogging. Check back here later or subscribe to the feed.

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