I Don’t Know

I’m learning to become more comfortable with “I don’t know.” Let me back up a little. I’m the type of person who’s always been very driven and goal-oriented. I know what I want to accomplish pretty quickly and I head for it. So, when there’s circumstances in life or in my head that don’t make sense, I want to quickly sort them through and figure them out. But I’ve been learning (over probably the past year or so) what it means to be comfortable not being able to completely figure things out.

I think part of it may be my church background. As evangelicals we tend to emphasize nailing down exactly where we stand on different issues – whether it be theology or lifestyle practices. We don’t exactly encourage mystery and that sort of thing (I guess we think we have the mysterious God all figured out).

But, I’m learning that it’s ok to say “I don’t know.” I don’t always understand my emotions. I don’t always understand my motives. I don’t always understand what I say and do. And rather than working it all out in my head (which believe me, I try to do), I’m learning to say “I don’t know” and trust that God knows.

This may not make complete sense to you, but it’s something in progress with me.


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