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One fairly new blog I’ve been digging lately is It’s put together by Craig Groeschel (senior pastor at and Bobby Gruenewald (innovation leader at I’ll be honest, any church with the phrase “tv” in it makes me a little leery. But these guys are the real deal. My friend John is a former LifeChurch guy. They’ve been total innovators in the area of multi-site churches as well as doing very focused, targeted ministry.

LifeChurch has six campuses in Oklahoma along with campuses in Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, and newly-announced in New York. They also have an internet campus. Again, when I first heard about all these campuses thousands of miles apart, I was skeptical. But it seems to be out of a heart to reach people, not world domination.

The more I hear from Craig Groeschel the more I’m impressed. He seems to have a genuine heart for God and for reaching people. In fact, I’m listening to a Catalyst podcast interview with him right now and he’s impressing me even more.

Check it out for yourself.


One Comment on “Blogs I Dig”

  1. Billy Chia says:

    I listed to this today and what really struck me was when Craig, “If money was no object what would you do?”
    It made me think, “Do I want to get a boat or dig wells in 3rd world countries?”

    Great for perspective.

    -Billy Chia

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